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Friday, December 16, 2005

The Last Split Second

The Bullet was fired. He felt the pain all over the body. Should have been the lower stomach. He roared in some languageless word.

He was loosing his consiousness. He cannot react. He can see his blood showering his body. He has lived in blood all these years, but not seen his own.

Though he wasnt hit on the head, there was terrible pain in the back neck. He couldnt give anymore concentration to standing. He fell down, without logic, improperly. Slowly he began to feel more pain on the left lower part of the stomach. He could feel two bullets. The other bullet was fired, before the story began.

His mouth was wide open, but he couldnt shout. A clumsy yelling without the effort of the vocal cord. He was breathing with his mouth. Pain was increasing. Still and more. He pushed his hands in the stomach and massaged them, pressed the stomach so hard. He then rolled his body, pressing the stomach downwards. Pain.

He felt cold. His body was chilling. He was loosing it.. From down on the ground he could see only legs. A lot of them. Only those two legs got his eyes fixed. Those were his son's. Little legs with "Kee kee" shoes. The legs started walking only months before.

What will happen to him ? What will these guys do to him.. ? ouch. ! aaaarggh.. The bullets were killing him.. He should have tried to yell his son's name.. but he still couldnt speak a word.. he still was yelling mute.

The pain gained strength, and his body gave a shiver. I couldnt understand how he felt just at this point. Then his shiver ended.

His eyes still fixed on the "Kee kee" shoes. Its eyes still fixed on the "Kee kee" shoes.


prabhuslt: and whats tat kee kee abt ?
Keerthivasan: nothing... justa story of a Cop or Rogue getting dead, his last split second.
who cannot speak 1 Muzham dialogues in their last breath
who cant say "Hey Ram" after being shot
prabhuslt: didnt get u yet ??

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