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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


People. Kindly read the following patiently and read it slow for a better understanding. Its a small Ammani effect. :)

today is my birthday.. i cant wait to wear that blue dress.

today is my birthday.. i cant to give my friends the foreign chocolates my uncle has brought

today is my birthday.. i cant wait to have my hands on that Street-cat cycle.. wow.

today is my birthday.. why should i go to school on birthdays..atleast she will excuse for that incomplete assignment.

today is my birthday.. nobody cares.. got to wake up early and study.

today is my birthday.. i have to impress that 1st year junior with my dress.. should throw a party at the college canteen, when she is there.

"hello there.. Happy birthday !! i think im the first one to call you ?". "yeah.. thank you *SHE* so much. you are the first :)".. .. today is my birthday.. damn.. its only 1 O Clock.. she called me at this time ? how sweet of her. she really loves me.

today is my birthday.. last year that *#@** called and spoiled my day. hmm. today im getting a hero honda as a gift. I wish my dad gave it :).. i still remember dad giving me the keys of the brand new Street cat cycle, when i was 11.

today is my birthday.. nobody in the training department knows of my birthday. i wish they did. how good they celebrated HIS birthday, in that team. hmmm

yesterday was my birthday.. didnt even realize. the client was on my ass. mom alone had remembered. she couriered me a new t-shirt. i didnt like the design, however.

today is my birthday.. im giving my guys a party. HE has prmised those Beer tins.. its going to be a heck of a day.

today is my birthday.. im taking my fiance out. wonder how she will wish me next year.. :)

today is my birthday.. SHE hasnt yet realized.. i told her when she gave me my coffee..she smiled and wished me, and went back to the kitchen. Mom gave me a new t-shirt. Gosh.. i wish nobody in the office remembers.. i cant pay another treat..

today is my birthday.. went and kissed my son's foot. He smiled.. What other gift do you want on this day ? I felt like I was blessed by my son.

today is my birthday.. wow.. im realizing this after so many years. my son gave me a Pen.. he has saved some of his pocket money. so sweet.

today is my birthday.. my wife insists we should go to a temple..

today is my birthday.. i wore that t-shirt mom had given me.. she wont gift me anymore.

today is my birthday.. my son, his friends and girlfriends gave me a surprise party. i was not that happy.. seemed funny. sounded artificial.. but that golden frame spectacles looked good on my face.

today is my birthday.. today i wont forget in my lifetime.. all my relatives gathered.. my sastiyapthapoorthy. my son did it grand.. he had come from US for this.. not many sons do it these days. he hasnt worn that Shirt i bought him, to wear on the occasion. i felt bad.

is it today or tomorrow.. cant really remember.. anyways,, i will visit the routine temple

today is my birthday.. its my daughter-in-law's birthday too.. i gifted her a book.. she said "thanks". nothing else.

today is my birthday.. cant get up from the bed.. i wish atleast today the pain is not there.. like how i got excuses on my earlier birthdays.

today could have been my birthday.


Vetrimagal said...


Anonymous Arien said...

LOL!! hey i am keerthi too.

pRaBhU said...

really novel.. i liked it very much

CVR said...


i liked
//today is my birthday.. i wore that t-shirt mom had given me.. she wont gift me anymore.///:-)

Rock on! B-)

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